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The Avsa Island is located in the southeast of The Marmara Sea of Turkey. It is one of the large islands in this Marmara Islands group, the other two being Marmara and Pashalimani. Avsa Island is 18 km to Erdek. There are motorboat cruises from Erdek to the island. On the other hand, boarding from Istanbul, you can cruise by ship or twin hull. Turkeli (Avsa) is a holiday village of island that boasts of spectacular beaches and clear water as well as famous vineyards and wine cellars. In the Manastir district stands the Byzantine Meryem Ana Monastery. There are many photos of the island here.
The high season for the island is between 15th June and 15th September. (Everyday 3 or 4 Seabuses depart from Istanbul, the weather is nice and always sunny. Most of hotels, pensions and bars are open from 15 June)
From Istanbul you have 2 possibilities to get to the island. First; by ferry from SARAYBURNU Harbour. Mostly you don`t need to make reservation, it departs from istanbul at 08.30 in the mornings. It takes ca. 6 hours to get to the island. Second; you can take Seabus from YENiKAPI Harbour in istanbul. Departure time is 10.15 in the mornings and you need to make reservation in high season (in July and in August. They have online reservation possibility. You can call for reservation too.
If you want more information or make reservation for a accomadation, you can send us an e-mail. We can give you up-to-date information, how you can reach to Avsa Island, where you can stay or any kind of information you might need. If you want to read more about Avsa island, please click! (Skylife Magazine).



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